frequently asked questions
— Are you available to produce, mix or record?
Of course! Sometimes! I'm always interested in new projects and new artists. Shoot me an email and explain what is on your mind and maybe we get the conversation rolling...look forward to hearing from you.
— Where are you located?
I'm based in NYC and have been for several years. I do travel, so, yes, I'd go to your town if needed.
— What are your rates?
Good question...rates vary. As no project is ever quite exactly the same as another, the rate and/or budget will need a consultation to arrive at.
— What gear do you use?
I'd say just about everything except a Sony Oxford. Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, SSL, Neve, Neumann and Radio Shack, to name a few.
—What are you available to collaborate on?
Mixing, Producing, Mastering, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming, and about 90 other things studio related...I'll do the occasional live gig on Guitar or Bass.
—Do you design studios?
I do consultation for studio designs and setups.
—Will you listen to an artists work for consultation and/or evaluation?